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Spire – chapter 3

“Nurse!” Kelebile rushed over just in time to catch the man in his arms as he collapsed. “Where are we going to put him?” he said, staggering a little. “All the beds are full.” There were only three beds in the sick-bay and they were indeed all full. “The room next to...

Spire – chapter 2

The patient was heaving on the bed as the monitors screamed. His details flicked through Caroline’s brain. Forty-two-year-old male. Stocky build. Non-smoker. No history of asthma or bronchial complications. Presented two days ago with a URTI. Became feverish overnight...

Spire – Chapter 1

“We watched all three of The Thing movies in order.  It’s a tradition. When the last plane leaves for the winter, everyone gets together in the recreation room and watches them on the big screen. There’s a superstition that if we don’t stick to the tradition it will...

Fiona Snyckers

Fiona Snyckers is a published South African author. Her novels include: Trinity Rising, Trinity On Air, Team Trinity & Now Following You. Purchase your book today.