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The use of cliff-hangers in building suspense in fiction

Serialisation might appear to be no more than a footnote from literary history, but it is not as antiquated as it seems. You probably picture Charles Dickens writing his novels in serialised form for Victorian newspapers, and spinning the plot out so he could earn...

Spire – chapter 3

“Nurse!” Kelebile rushed over just in time to catch the man in his arms as he collapsed. “Where are we going to put him?” he said, staggering a little. “All the beds are full.” There were only three beds in the sick-bay and they were indeed all full. “The room next to...

Spire – chapter 2

The patient was heaving on the bed as the monitors screamed. His details flicked through Caroline’s brain. Forty-two-year-old male. Stocky build. Non-smoker. No history of asthma or bronchial complications. Presented two days ago with a URTI. Became feverish overnight...

Spire – Chapter 1

“We watched all three of The Thing movies in order.  It’s a tradition. When the last plane leaves for the winter, everyone gets together in the recreation room and watches them on the big screen. There’s a superstition that if we don’t stick to the tradition it will...

Fiona Snyckers

Fiona Snyckers is a published South African author. Her novels include: Trinity Rising, Trinity On Air, Team Trinity & Now Following You. Purchase your book today.