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“A gifted writer with an eye for irony and wit.”

– Die Bolander

“Get yourself a blanket, some hot chocolate and a sunny spot to curl up in, and immerse yourself in Trinity’s world.”

– Mail & Guardian

“Fiona Snyckers has got it just right.”

– The Witness

Team Trinity

Life at boarding school is not all diets, dresses and dances, as Trinity Luhabe discovers when her parents move overseas for a term.

Trinity On Air

At the end of Trinity Rising, we left our heroine galloping off into the sunset with the always irresistible Farouk van der Linde.

Trinity Rising

Delightfully ditzy, but with an inner core of strength, Trinity Luhabe parties her way through life.

Home Away

Being South African isn’t as black and white as it used to be. People from all over the world make South Africa their home, while South Africans have more geographic freedom than ever before.

Now Following You

Now Following You is a clever, chilling and compelling read, which skilfully weaves relevant issues.
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Fiona Snyckers

Fiona Snyckers is a published South African author. Her novels include: Trinity Rising, Trinity On Air, Team Trinity & Now Following You. Purchase your book today.